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Oyez.je - helping you hear Jèrriais - the sound of Jersey

Jèrriais is the local language of Jersey. It has it's roots in Norman French and has been spoken in Jersey for over 1000 years. For more information see: About Jèrriais

Oyez.je is a local project to help tourists and locals hear how Jèrriais is spoken. This site is an early development site to test ideas and show how this might be done.

Try the QR code or link below for an example

Example link to hear the text from a local sign

Jèrriais on the streets

You can find Jèrriais on signs all around Jersey and we are hoping to help you hear how these are spoken. You can see examples of signs at Jèrriais on the streets

Jèrriais on the internet

You can already find many places to hear Jèrriais on the internet so we have provided some links at: Jèrriais on the internet

More about Oyez

For more information about Oyez.je and contact details see: About Oyez

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