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Jèrriais on the streets / Jèrriais sus le c’mins

Composite picture of signs in Jersey

Jèrriais sus les c’mins

You can find Jèrriais on signs all around Jersey including information signs, buildings, buses and street names and we are hoping to be able to help you hear how some of these are pronounced.

Below are some examples of signs you may see


 Séyiz les Beinv'nus

Around Jersey, on government buildings, signs at the harbours and the airport you may see the phrase "Séyiz les Beinv'nus" - Welcome.

Jersey Heritage

 Maritime Museum

Jersey Heritage manage many of the museums in Jersey including the Jersey Museum, Maritime Museum and Elizabeth and Gorey Castles and they nclude Jèrriais in a number of their signs""

St Helier Wayfarer signs

 Broad Street Wayfarer sign

The Wayfarer signs provide tourists and locals with maps of St Helier and information about differest places. Much of the information is in English and French with the name and one panel including Jèrriais and we have developed an example sticker and page showing how you could hear this in Jèrriais

Example to hear text from a local sign

Road names

 Broad Street Wayfarer sign

Around the roads and lanes of Jersey you will find road names in English, French and sometimes in Jèrriais. There is even one lane in Town (Hilgrove Street) with 4 names on one sign. Jersey roadnames often don’t start with Le or La – such as Rue au Tchian in Grouville which is the road of the dog - While La Planque Billot refers to a bridge (or plank) across a stream in what were sand dunes"

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